Member of a world-class petrochimical group

Our History

Founding and growth of the company: 1958-1975

Yesterday …

Founded in 1958, during the golden age of metallurgy for the purpose of constructing Usinor Dunkerque, SOFRESID saw a rapid expansion in its activities, including international growth.



Diversification: 1975-1990

To maintain its growth, SOFRESID began to move into other industries (nickel, aluminium), the oil and gas services sector (offshore production, refining, pipeline) and general engineering (building and infrastructure, nuclear production, shipbuilding).

Most of the regional facilities that now comprise SOFRESID ENGINEERING first opened their doors during the latter half of this period.


Corporate acquisition: 1990-2002

SOFRESID was acquired first by John Brown and subsequently by Kvaerner.
In 1998, SOFRESID adopted the name Kvaerner Process France and became part of a large-scale international group.

In 1999, Kvaerner was taken over by its Norwegian competitor, Aker. Bouygues Offshore then purchased SOFRESID and restored its original name.


The SAIPEM years: 2002 to the present

In 2002 SAIPEM SpA acquired Bouygues Offshore, which then became SAIPEM SA, a subsidiary of ENI.

… and today

SOFRESID, now a wholly owned subsidiary of SAIPEM SA, proceeded to consolidate its regional facilities under the name SOFRESID ENGINEERING.

The Group’s engineering know-how was enhanced in early 2006 when SAIPEM acquired Snamprogetti, a major Italian engineering firm specializing in onshore oil and gas operations, from ENI, SAIPEM ‘s primary shareholder.

Today, SOFRESID ENGINEERING is part of a group that has become a worldwide leader in the oil and gas services industry, backed by an international presence and a workforce of 40,000 employees.