Experienced, multidisciplinary teams


Experienced, multidisciplinary teams:

Offering the ability to provide innovative, viable solutions to complex industrial problems, the teams at SOFRESID ENGINEERING work with top-performance IT tools (3D, PDS, PDMS, CADDS and more) and are linked by a reliable internal computer network that allows for quick and secure communications between offices.

These teams, maintaining close contact with their customers, and accustomed to working in synergy with each of the various SOFRESID ENGINEERING and SAIPEM facilities, form the cornerstone of the company’s acknowledged expertise of over 30 years in its numerous areas of activity.

This workforce, distributed throughout SOFRESID ENGINEERING’s office network, includes specialists in the principal areas of technical expertise needed to carry out the projects entrusted to the company.

Main disciplines available:

  • Process / Design
  • Industrial safety / Environment
  • Regulatory studies
  • Piping and general layout
  • Mechanics / Industrial structures
  • Vessels, tanks and heat exchangers
  • Equipment, packages, rotating equipment
  • Civil engineering / Buildings and construction
  • Electricity / Cathodic protection
  • Instrumentation / Automation / Command-control systems
  • Pipeline
  • Offshore structures / Subsea
  • Architecture and shipbuilding
  • Hydrokinetic systems
  • Procurement services / Follow-up inspection
  • Handling / Supervision

Allocation of staff


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