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Safety Integrity Level (SIL)



Risk control in industrial installations is based, in particular, on the installation of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).

Standard NF EN 61511 (1) can be  used to determine the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) of Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF).

SOFRESID ENGINEERING possesses the human and technical skills required to help you control and manage your safety instrumented functions throughout their life cycle:

  • SIL definition,
  • Verification of the actual SIL of the safety chains installed,
  • Definition of maintenance to be implemented to preserve this SIL over time.

Fifteen SOFRESID ENGINEERING employees, from the following Departments:Quali SIL
– “Environment and Industrial Safety”, and
– “Instrumentation / Automation”,
are holders of the ‘Quali SIL’ qualification awarded by INERIS,
that accredits their fitness to perform functional safety studies.

They are at your disposal to:

  • Coordinate your risk assessments (HAZOP, FMECA, Bow-Tie Diagram),
  • Determine the SIL required by your safety functions
    (LOPA Method or calibrated graph),
  • Specify safety functions (SIF) and
    Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS),
  • Determine the SIF architecture to be installed and
    the necessary reliability of various components,
  • Verify the SIL installed,
  • Install, commission and validate the safety instrumented systems (SIS).

For further information, please contact SOFRESID ENGINEERING, Aix-en-Provence office (See the list of our locations) or send your request directly to the following email address: contact.entreprise@sofresid.com

(1) : Standard NF EN 61511: Functional safety – Safety instrumented systems for the process industry sector.

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