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The Website accessible at http://www.sofresid-engineering.com belongs to SOFRESID ENGINEERING S.A., a limited liability company also known as SOFRESID, with registered office at:

Immeuble Energies, 1/7 avenue San Fernando, 78884 Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Cedex – France

Téléphone : 01 61 37 88 88 – Télécopie : 01 61 37 77 77

RCS Versailles 334 456 886

Capital social : 1 267 142,80 €

TVA Intracommunautaire FR 51 334 456 886

 1.       Definitions

a.       « Site » refers to the Web site accessible at the above-mentioned electronic address, as well as all data and documents hosted on this Site, in whatever form, including all functionalities and elements composing the Site and ensuring the provision of the Services.

b.      « SOFRESID » refers to the company that owns the Site as above-mentioned.

c.       « SAIPEM » refers to SAIPEM S.p.A., a company incorporated under Italian law with registered office at via Martiri di Cefalonia, 67, San Donato Milanese (MI), Italy.

d.      « User » refers to anyone connecting to the Site and exploring the portions of the Site open to the visit.

e.      « Services » refers to all services available on the Site in compliance with the terms stipulated in the present Conditions.


2.       Services of SOFRESID

The Services are provided free of charge by SOFRESID to the Users that connect to the Site and thereby accept that:

a.       SOFRESID may at any time suspend or end the provision of Services, entirely or in part , without any prior notice requirement;

b.      Use of Services is at the User’s own risk and responsibility;

c.       Services provided as viewed on the web site are free; SOFRESID does not guarantee validity, accuracy or continuity of data;

d.      SOFRESID does not guarantee that Services will fulfill User requirements, that they shall be uninterrupted, convenient, secure or error-free;

e.      SOFRESID does not guarantee to fulfill User expectations of the Services;

f.        Services provided by SOFRESID do not include those related to telecommunications (including data transmission over the Internet); the acquisition of said telecommunication services is to be made autonomously by the User;

g.       Services may not be supported by certain commercially available browsers and/or operating systems or versions thereof. It is the User’s responsibility to identify the correct combination of software and hardware to gain adequate access to the Services.

3.       Intellectual and industrial property rights pertaining to the Site and Services

The User agrees that all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to know-how, source codes, software, hardware, projects, applications, patents, industrial secrets, formulae, algorithms, models, data bases, etc., related to Services, data and all other material provided or made available to the User by SOFRESID under these Conditions, remain the exclusive property of SOFRESID, and that the User has no rights beyond personal use in compliance with these Conditions.

Distinctive signs, trademarks, logos and the like that appear on the Site belong to SOFRESID, SAIPEM or the registering entity and may not be used without consent.

 4.       Prohibition of Sale or Commercial use of Services

The User’s right to use the Services is personal and may not be ceded to third parties. The User may access Services purely for personal use and not for gain, profit or any other economic purpose. The User may not use any material in intellectual works. The User may not reproduce, publish, distribute, create a data base, translate, adapt, duplicate, copy, sell, carry out framing or deep linking, resell or in any way exploit for commercial purposes, gain or profit the Services, either in whole or in part, including their use or access.

 5.       No Liability

As Services are free, SOFRESID may not be held liable by the User should Services be unavailable or inaccessible. SOFRESID may not be liable for damages, indemnification or loss, direct or indirect, suffered by the User as a result of the defective or non-functioning of the electronic equipment employed by the User or third parties, including Internet Service Providers, telecom and/or computer connections not directly managed by SOFRESID or within its responsibility.

SOFRESID may not be held liable for damages resulting from:

a.       non provision of Services due to malfunctioning of communication equipment for reasons beyond the company’s control, including, for instance, fire, natural disasters, power cut, unavailability of telephone lines or other network services, malfunctioning of computers and/or other electronic devices, including those that are not an integral part of the Internet, malfunctioning of programs installed on the User’s PC;

b.      actions of other Users or third parties having access to the Internet.

 6.       Authorized Use and Waiver

The User undertakes to use the Services exclusively for those purposes sanctioned by current legislation, accepted practice, rules of diligence and accepts not to impinge or breach any third party rights, whether they be a User or not; the User commits to respect data protection regulations, intellectual and industrial property rights legislation, current IT and telecommunication crime legislation.

The User is responsible for the content of messages and text he may submit; he accepts his sole liability and that neither SOFRESID, SAIPEM nor any individual and/or company connected to it, representative, employee or partner can be held liable for damages or indemnification for actions carried out by the User or User authorized person.

The User warrants that the information and/or material supplied to SOFRESID through its access to the Site are correct, complete and decent and that it is authorized to provide such information and material without breach of pre-existing third party rights. The User is precluded from using the Site or its functionalities for unintended use or contrary to these Conditions, placing a virus through programs or documents so transmitted, as well as acting in any manner that may damage SOFRESID by interfering with the functioning of the Site or copying software or components of the Site.

Information and/or material supplied to SOFRESID by any User of the Site are deemed to be non-confidential. SOFRESID shall have no obligation with respect to said information or material, and reserves the right to use it as it deems appropriate.

Should the information and documents transmitted by the User through its access of the Site include data or distinctive features that are subject to reservation of intellectual property rights by the User or others, the User will grant to SOFRESID all transferable rights relevant to these data or features and thereby grants for the duration of validity of these Conditions the worldwide non-exclusive right to copy and disclose digitally on the Site the data and features so transmitted to the Site.

 7.       Other Conditions and Legal Terms

a.       The Conditions remain valid as long as they are accessible on the Site, the version that is available at the time of connection prevails over any prior version. The French version of those Conditions prevails over any version in a foreign language.

b.      SOFRESID may amend the format or substance of the Services at any time and without any notice requirement, none of those modifications having any impact on the integrity of the Conditions.

c.       The User waives any entitlement to claim against SOFRESID for any damage, cost, loss or expenses and the like based on any misunderstanding or lack of knowledge arising out of the legal terms of the Conditions or of the inadequate use of the functionalities of the Site.

d.      Waivers of recourse and warranties bearing on the Users by the Conditions shall survive the term or termination of the Conditions.

e.      Should any term of the Conditions be found unenforceable or invalid as being contrary to law or to a final judgment, then all terms that are not affected by this contravention shall remain of full effect.

f.        The Conditions are governed by the laws of France as to substance as well as procedure.



Rectification of Personal Data :

Pursuant to applicable law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, CNIL n°311 563, you may enjoy from time to time a right of access or rectification to personal data by sending an electronic mail to the following address : contact.entreprise@sofresid.com.

This right of access is restricted to the individual owner of such personal data and for his/her protection.


Protection of Personal Data :

The data collected are managed by Human Resources Management of the company and their electronic data processing has been declared to competent authorities (CNIL docket number 1607774v0).


Other Data :

The overall layout, the software, texts, images, whether or without animation, sounds, know-how, drawings and visual features as well as all elements constituting the Site belong to SOFRESID.

Any depiction, whether complete or partial, of this Site by whatever means without the express consent of SOFRESID is strictly forbidden and would amount to counterfeiting under articles L335-2 seqq. of the French Intellectual Property Code.

Likewise, the databases created by SOFRESID and connected to the Site enjoy the protection of the law of July 1st 1998 for the protection of databases.

SOFRESID welcomes Users of the Site to advise potential errors and omissions for their rectification by sending an electronic mail to the Webmaster as the following address: contact.entreprise@sofresid.com.


Hypertext Links :

The creation of any link to the website « http://www.sofresid-engineering.com » is subject to the prior written consent of the Director of Publication.

The Site « http://www.sofresid-engineering.com » contains links to third party sites, over which SOFRESID assumes no liability.


Cookies :

SOFRESID may transfer « cookies » to the Users as electronic data files that are transferred on to the computer of the User at each opening of session, with the objective to record data relevant to the browsing of the User on the Site.

These cookies enable SOFRESID to better maintain the site and optimize its Services.

Users may object to the transfer of cookies, for instance by configuring the web browser to issue a warning before the cookie is accepted on the computer.

Whilst care is taken to allow the functioning of the Site despite the refusal of cookies, some functionalities of the site may be affected.


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