Service quality


A process approach designed for our Clients’ satisfaction

The Quality Management System implemented by SOFRESID ENGINEERING is based on a process approach aiming at enhancing the satisfaction of our Clients, and allowing us to maintain and consolidate our industrial leadership position.

It meets the commitments of the Company’s top management to pursue an initiative of progress in line with that of the SAIPEM Group, and to ensure that each SOFRESID ENGINEERING employee is dedicated to the key objective : “ Improve our competitiveness and Aim at excellence”.

Continuous actions for monitoring and improvement

Through the actions it takes in pursuit of its own commitments, SOFRESID ENGINEERING is constantly adapting to the diversity of Markets in order to better meet customer expectations, and improve the results of its projects in terms of planning, cost and performance.

In accordance with the SOFRESID ENGINEERING Quality Policy, the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” principle is developed at all levels and implemented by all participants of the Company, at both internal processes and projects levels.

Accordingly, the actions undertaken by each SOFRESID ENGINEERING Office are monitored, consolidated and reported by the Quality Manager to the top management so as to ensure effective and continuous improvement of the Management System.

A System approved by an Official Certification

SOFRESID ENGINEERING has been ISO 9001 certified since 2005.

This certification applies to each of the Company’s Offices, and entails a comprehensive synergy to ensure uniform application of standards and top management commitments.

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