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Innovation topics

SOFRESID develops and works on the following themes:




Architect of innovative energy solutions

In association with French and European R&D centres, laboratories, universities, startups and companies possessing these technological building blocks, we are ARCHITECTS of INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS and we serve as interface and integrator for the various project stakeholders.

Maintaining business watch over the various channels involved in Energy Transition allows us to track the evolution of the technologies and participate in their development, by providing our expertise and our experience of industrial issues.

SOFRESID ENGINEERING also develops in partnership proprietary solutions for addressing concerns over regulations or market developments.


Integrator of technological components

We promote new technologies by proposing them and integrating them in the projects and sites of our clients.

SOFRESID ENGINEERING works with the technological players of tomorrow to support them in the maturing of innovative solutions. From laboratory scale we upsize to industrial scale while anticipating all the issues of safety, materials, constructability, ergonomics, maintenance and integration on the existing site.

SOFRESID ENGINEERING can also adapt equipment to maritime environments and integrate the technological building blocks on floating vessels for maritime, subsea or waterway applications.


Technical-economic analyses

SOFRESID ENGINEERING coordinates and produces feasibility or pre-feasibility studies to underpin design project funding dossiers. Process and Diagram blocks, identification and comparison of innovative solutions, project management.


Collaborative research projects

SOFRESID ENGINEERING is a partner in collaborative projects within the framework of French or European research programmes (H2020, INTERREG, FEDER, AFD, ADEME, etc.).

SOFRESID ENGINEERING is currently involved in a European H2020 project for the development of the next generation of biofuels and alternative technologies for producing renewable fuels.

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Innovation network

A member of several competitive hubs and clusters in which we play a governance or organizational role, SOFRESID ENGINEERING is an active stakeholder in the world of engineering and innovation.

We offer our clients the benefits of these networks, for alone you may go faster, but together you will go further.


Digitalization and virtual reality

SOFRESID ENGINEERING does not develop its own technologies but draws on its network of partners in new technologies, who are leaders in their respective fields.

We can offer you innovative and cost-effective solutions for the digitalization of your industrial facilities (virtual and augmented reality), while guaranteeing the security and performance of the processes.

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