Construction supervision and commissioning

Supervising construction and installation while complying with the requisite safety and quality regulations is an integral part of the project process.

Commissioning and start-up are the final stages before operational roll-out of equipment, a unit or a site.

The construction supervision and installation phase is the culmination of the detailed studies. We can support you in the various disciplines (structure, piping, electricity, instrumentation, ventilation, etc.) so as to verify the consistency of the construction vis-à-vis the detailed engineering studies and provide our expertise in the integration of any changes.

Commissioning enables validation of the operation or use of equipment, a unit or the site, in conditions complying with the regulations and the client specifications. In this phase, preliminary dynamic tests along with performance guarantee tests are conducted with the client.

These phases enable the sharing and development of the methodologies and processes with the engineering phases, so as to improve our performance.

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