Lifting and handling systems are strategic factors in the production processes of our clients. They need to ensure reliability of use, in complete safety, and throughout their service life. The expertise of our multidisciplinary teams allows our clients to benefit from recognized know-how in this field.

The SOFRESID ENGINEERING of today, deriving from the Société française d’études d’installations sidérurgiques (literally: “French company for steel installation studies”, hence the acronym, SOFRESID) has maintained recognized expertise in the field of lifting and handling equipment. This know-how that harks back to our origins enables our teams of expert engineers to work daily on the projects of our clients in the sectors of metallurgy and steelwork, but also in the port, oil service & supply, and nuclear sectors. We support our clients with the in-service maintenance (MCO) of their existing equipment, in particular through conducting:

  • Diagnostics, inspections and assessments
  • Capacity upgrades or increases
  • Studies of structural and/or mechanical modifications or reinforcements
  • Checks to ensure conformity with the standards in force
  • Collation of machine files
  • Longevity studies (fatigue checks) as per standard ISO 12482

We also support our clients with their installation projects for new equipment, through conducting the needs analysis and definition studies; drafting technical RFP and purchasing documents; and selecting then monitoring suppliers during the manufacturing, assembly, testing and commissioning phases. Our expertise extends to industrial buildings housing this equipment, through the design, verification or reinforcement of the raceways, the frames and the structural engineering of these buildings. All this is done, obviously, in compliance with the application of the French or international regulations and standards in force.

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