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Please carefully read the following Terms as well as the procedures for processing personal data. If you do not agree with these Terms and procedures, please do not use this Site.


The Website accessible at the following address is the property of SOFRESID ENGINEERING S.A., a public limited company also operating under the name SOFRESID, whose registered office is at:

Immeuble Energies, 1/7 avenue San Fernando, 78884 Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Cedex – France

Telephone: +33 1 61 37 88 88 – Fax: +33 1 61 37 77 77

RCS Versailles 334 456 886

Share capital: €1,267,142.80

Intra-community VAT FR 51 334 456 886

1.       Definitions

a.      “Site” means the website that is accessible at the web address stated above, as well as all data and documents hosted on this Site, in any form whatsoever, including all the functionalities and components of the Site and enabling the provision of Services.

b.    “SOFRESID” means the company owning the Site as mentioned above.

c.      “SAIPEM” means SAIPEM S.p.A., a public limited company under Italian law whose registered office is at: via Martiri di Cefalonia, 67, San Donato Milanese (MI), Italy.

d.    “User” means any person who accesses the Site and browses in the parts of the Site made available.

e.    “Services” means all the services available on the Site under the conditions laid down in these Terms.

2.      SOFRESID Services

The Services are provided free of charge to each User who acknowledges that:

a.      SOFRESID may suspend or end the provision of Services, in full or part, at any time without any formality;

b.    the Services are used at the risk and under the sole liability of the User;

c.      the Services provided over the Internet are free of charge; SOFRESID does not guarantee the validity, accuracy or continuity of the data;

d.    SOFRESID does not guarantee that the Services will meet the User’s needs or that they will be continued, adapted, reliable or free of errors;

e.    SOFRESID does not guarantee that it will meet a specific objective required by the User;

f.      the Services exclude any provision related to telecommunications (including data transmission via the Internet); these telecommunication services must be acquired by the User independently;

g.      the Services may not be compatible with certain means of access or operating systems or certain versions. Each User is responsible for identifying and implementing the appropriate mix of software and hardware in order to correctly access the Services.

3.      Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights related to the Site and Services

Users acknowledge that all intellectual property rights, including in particular the knowhow, source codes, software, hardware, plans, applications, patents, industrial secrets, formulas, algorithms, designs, databases or other elements of intellectual or industrial property, related to the Services, data and all other elements provided or made available to Users by SOFRESID under these Terms, are and will remain the exclusive property of SOFRESID and its licensors, and that Users shall not acquire any right other than for their personal use and in accordance with these Terms.

The distinctive signs, company names, logos and brands cited on the Site are the property of SOFRESID, SAIPEM or their registrants, and may not therefore be used without their agreement.

4.      Restriction on the commercial use or sale of the Services

As the right of Users to use the Services is strictly personal, it may not be transferred to a third party. Users may only access the Services for their personal needs and not to generate a profit, accumulate wealth or for any other financial goal. Users may not use any data that has the nature of an intellectual work. Users may not reproduce, publish, distribute, create databases, translate, adapt, duplicate, copy, sell, put in place or create deep links, resell or use in any commercial way whatsoever, or derive any gain or advantage in any proportion whatsoever from the Services, their content or access to these.

5.    Disclaimer of liability

As the Services are free, SOFRESID may not be held liable towards Users if the Services become unavailable or inaccessible. SOFRESID may not be held liable for any damage, harm or loss, direct or indirect, incurred by Users due to the failure or malfunction of the electronic equipment used by Users or third parties, including suppliers providing access, computer links or telecommunication services that are not directly managed by SOFRESID or under its control.

SOFRESID will not be liable for damage resulting from:

a.     the unavailability of Services due to the malfunction of communication equipment due to unforeseen circumstances such as fire, natural disasters, interruptions to electricity supplies, unavailability of telephone lines or network connection means, the malfunctioning of computers and electronic devices, including those that are not integrated in the Internet, and the malfunctioning of programs installed on Users’ computers; as well as

b.   acts of other Users or third parties with access to the Internet.


6.      User rights and waivers of rights of use

Users undertake to use the Services exclusively within the limits permitted by law, accepted practices and the rules of good governance and they agree not to infringe or violate the rights of third parties, whether or not they are Users. Users undertake to observe the legislation on the protection of personal data, industrial and intellectual property, and use of information technology and related offences.

Users are liable for the content of messages and text that they submit; they acknowledge their full and sole liability to this end, so that SOFRESID, SAIPEM or any person or company related to the latter, or their representatives, agents or assigns may not be held liable or required to compensate any third party due to actions of Users or their employees.

Users guarantee that the data and information that they transmit to SOFRESID via their access to the Site is correct, complete and appropriate and that they are authorized to provide it without infringing third parties’ existing rights. Users are prohibited from using the Site or its functionalities in any way that is contrary to their intended purpose and these Terms, from placing viruses in the documents or programs transmitted, and from acting to the detriment of SOFRESID’s interests by interfering in the Site’s functionalities or copying software or components of the Site.

The information and data transmitted by Users via their access to the Site is given freely and without any confidentiality obligation. SOFRESID does not undertake any obligation in respect of this information and data, and reserves the right to use it as it deems appropriate.

If the information and data transmitted by Users via their access to the Site includes distinctive elements or data for which intellectual or industrial property rights are reserved by Users or under their responsibility, Users shall grant SOFRESID all of the transferable rights related to these distinctive elements or data and, therefore, grant it for the duration of these Terms, the global and non-exclusive right to digitally reproduce and communicate the distinctive elements and data transmitted to the Site.

7.    Other Terms and Legal Notices

a.      These Terms are valid as long as they are accessible on the Site, the version accessible at the time of viewing them shall apply in relation to any prior version. The French version of these Terms shall prevail over any other version in a different language.

b.    SOFRESID may modify the content or substance of the Services at any time and without notice; none of these modifications will affect the full application of these Terms.

c.      Users waive any claim that would allow them to cite a right to make a claim against SOFRESID due to their lack of understanding or disregard of these Terms or the Site’s functionalities.

d.    The waivers of rights of use and guarantees incumbent on Users under these Terms will survive the end of these Terms.

e.    If any one of the provisions of these Terms is held to be inapplicable or invalid by law or a court decision having force of law, all the provisions held valid by law will continue to have full effect.

f.    These Terms are exclusively governed by French law.


Personal data:

In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 CNIL No. 311 563, you may at any time exercise your right of access to or rectification of your information by sending us an email at the following address:

Data processing and civil liberties:

The information collected is intended for the company’s Human Resources Department and will be the subject of computer processing declared to CNIL [the French Data Protection Authority] under number 1607774v0.

In accordance with amended “Data processing and civil liberties” Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, you have a right of access to, and a right to modification, rectification and erasure of your data that you may exercise by contacting:

This right of access is reserved for data subjects and their own protection.

Other information:

The general structure, as well as the software, text, moving or fixed images, sounds, knowhow, illustrations, graphics and any other components of the Website are the exclusive property of SOFRESID.

Any total or partial representation of this Site, by any means whatsoever, without the express permission of SOFRESID, is prohibited and constitutes an infringement punishable under Articles L. 335-2 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code.

The same shall apply for databases related to the Site that SOFRESID has created, which are protected by the provisions of the Law of 1 July 1998 on the legal protection of databases.

We ask Site Users to inform us of any omissions, errors or corrections by emailing the webmaster of the Site at the following address:

Hypertext links :

The creation of links to the site “” is subject to the prior written agreement of the Publishing Director.

The Site “” contains links to third party sites for which SOFRESID may not under any circumstances be held liable.

Cookies :

SOFRESID reserves the right to transfer “cookies” to Users in the form of text files that are stored on Users’ computers each time a session is opened in order to record information about Users’ browsing on the Site.

These cookies enable SOFRESID to optimize its Services and manage the Site more effectively.

Users may refuse the storage of a cookie by configuring, for example, their browser so that it warns them before installation of the cookie on their computer.

Even if precautions are taken to enable viewing of the Site by prohibiting cookies, some Site functionalities may be affected.

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