Sofresid is one of the seven winners of the Trophée Innovations Océans, (“Oceans Innovations Trophy”), for sustainable maritime development.

OCTOPOL© is a port solution using barges to treat ballast water and recover liquid and solid waste from ships.



The new BWTC maritime convention obliges merchant ships to treat the ballast water that they transport and offload in various parts of the world (coming into force on 08/09/2017). Unlike hydrocarbon pollution, the discharge of microorganisms, viruses and bacteria constitute a source of pollution for the marine environment receiving them, and a danger for biodiversity, the impacts of which increase exponentially over time.

SOFRESID Engineering has developed, for the port approach under these regulations, a barge capable of treating ballast water at a rate of up to 2000 m3/h, for assisted ballasting and deballasting of ships. Thanks to this treatment rate, the system is in phase with the ballasting characteristics of ships, and will not impede commercial operations.

For a port infrastructure, OCTOPOL© makes it possible to develop:

– the port’s appeal for regular lines, which could dispense with investing in a costly system;

– its environmental policy, by proposing a technical solution in the event of system failure on the ship, rather than a punitive action inflicting upon it a financial penalty.

We have also incorporated a storage capacity for recovering oily water from operations of ships in ports (wastewater from washing oil tankers, water from engine room bilges, fuel residues, fume cleaning residues, etc.).

This makes OCTOPOL© a multidisciplinary port tool helping to combat pollution.



Since ballasting operations tend to be mainly conducted in ports, it is vital to propose a port assistance solution, to mitigate unforeseen problems. Otherwise, ships will be:

– either, refused entry to conduct their commercial operations (generating a financial loss for the port);

– or, inflicted with a heavy financial penalty (yet the microorganisms will still be offloaded, which does not resolve the problem of the risk for biodiversity).

This innovation therefore offers an ecologically responsible solution addressing the technical problems that ships may face.


INNOVATIVE character

OCTOPOL© is currently the only concept that addresses the problem of ballast water treatment as a port solution that takes account of its economic viability, in particular through consolidating port services in a single unit.

Furthermore, since the Ballast Water Treatment Convention is recent, ships are not equipped with standardized connections at their ballast outlet: it is just a simple hole in the hull through which the ballast waters are expelled. SOFRESID Engineering has therefore developed a standardized connection for most ships. This connection is attached to the hull and, via a flexible tube connected to the barge, this enables the ballast water to be transferred to the treatment unit on the OCTOPOL© deck.

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