Regulatory studies

Throughout the service life of your industrial facilities and in each of the phases of your project, SOFRESID ENGINEERING helps you take better account of aspects concerning the environment, operational dependability and regulations.

Risk analyses

  • Implementation of HAZOP, HAZID, AMDEC, Causal tree, Bow tie, LOPA methods
  • Use of PHA-Pro and HAZOP Manager software

Scenario calculations

  • Calculating the consequences of accident scenarios on the human environment
  • Implementation of PHAST software and GTDLI-type technical reports
  • Calculation of thermal radiation from flares (FLARESIM software)

Analysis of the integrity level of safety systems (SIL study)

  • SIL studies as per standard IEC 61511
  • Determination of the requisite SIL level and calculation of the installed SIL level for the instrumented safety functions (17 QUALISIL-certified SOFRESID ENGINEERING engineers)

Industrial safety

  • Safety concepts
  • Defining safety zones
  • ATEX zoning
  • Fire and gas detection studies
  • Evacuation plans
  • Determining fire protection needs
  • Designing and dimensioning fire networks (modelling with the Pipenet application)

Regulations watch

  • ICPE regulations watch

Regulations files

  • Hazard studies (PPRT)
  • Hazard studies for transport channels
  • Request for Permission to Operate (Dossier de demande d’autorisation d’exploiter, DAE)
  • Work plans (POI / PSI)
  • Operation reviews

Environmental management (ISO 14001)

Safety management

Conformity audit

  • Assistance with the establishment of the environmental management system as per standard ISO 14001
  • Assistance with the establishment of the Safety Management System in the application of the SEVESOII directive
  • Conformity audits to ensure compliance of industrial installations with regulatory requirements

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