Integrator of technological components

We promote new technologies by proposing them and integrating them in the projects and sites of our clients.

SOFRESID ENGINEERING works with the technological players of tomorrow to support them in the maturing of innovative solutions. From laboratory scale we upsize to industrial scale while anticipating all the issues of safety, materials, constructability, ergonomics, maintenance and integration on the existing site.

SOFRESID ENGINEERING can also adapt equipment to maritime environments and integrate the technological building blocks on floating vessels for maritime, subsea or waterway applications.

Innovative integration projects:

OCTOPOL©: a marine design solution for treating ballast water from ships.

SHERPAZ 5000: a small-capacity LNG bunker vessel (5000 m3) designed in partnership with CRYOGENIC and the MAURIC company.

ELEMENTA: an energy production barge

W2W: a concept for the green production of hydrogen at sea

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